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Worry Warts

“Listen to Morris Gleitzman’s ‘Worry Warts’ Audiobook.”


Sku: AB1110
  • An engaging audiobook narrated by Morris Gleitzman.
  • A heartwarming story that addresses children’s worries.
  • Perfect for young listeners and families.
  • Let the author’s voice bring the story to life.

Dive into the heartwarming world of ‘Worry Warts’ with this engaging audiobook narrated by the author himself, Morris Gleitzman. In this story, Gleitzman addresses the common worries that children face in a way that is both relatable and reassuring. The audiobook format provides a delightful opportunity for young listeners and families to enjoy the tale together. Let Morris Gleitzman’s warm and expressive voice bring the story to life, making it an ideal addition to your audiobook collection. Whether you’re a young reader looking for comfort in the face of worries or a parent seeking a heartfelt story to share with your child, ‘Worry Warts’ audiobook is the perfect choice