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Tulsa: A Western Drama of Oil and Ambition


Sku: DD5031
  • Gritty portrayal of Oklahoma’s oil boom.
  • Susan Hayward’s stellar performance.
  • A tale of ambition, love, and betrayal.
  • A classic film capturing America’s frontier spirit.

“Experience the rugged world of the American frontier with ‘Tulsa,’ a gritty and captivating Western drama that unfolds against the backdrop of Oklahoma’s oil boom. Starring the incomparable Susan Hayward, this film tells the story of an ambitious woman determined to strike it rich in the oil fields, navigating a world of ruthless competition and unforgiving landscapes. ‘Tulsa’ weaves a gripping tale of ambition, love, and betrayal as it delves into the complexities of personal and professional relationships during the frenzied rush for black gold. A classic film capturing America’s enduring frontier spirit, ‘Tulsa’ is a must-see for those who appreciate powerful storytelling and a vivid portrayal of a bygone era where fortunes were made and lost in the blink of an eye.”