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The Steam Era

Steam Era: Journey into Industrial Revolution


Sku: DD6068

Historic Locomotives, Pioneering Engines

  • Victorian Ingenuity, Railway Revolution
  • Gritty Workers, Iron and Steam Unite
  • The Birth of Modern Transportation

Embark on a mesmerizing journey back in time with ‘The Steam Era,’ a captivating exploration of the pivotal period that marked the birth of the industrial revolution and modern transportation. This documentary delves into the heart of the Victorian era, where ingenuity met iron and steam, giving rise to historic locomotives that transformed the world. Witness the pioneering engines that defied gravity and conquered distances, connecting cities and nations with a network of iron rails. ‘The Steam Era’ captures the essence of this railway revolution, showcasing the gritty determination of the workers who stoked the fires and fueled the engines of progress. Through rare archival footage and expert commentary, the documentary paints a vivid picture of an era where iron horses roared, smoke billowed, and steam echoed through the valleys. Experience the excitement of discovery, the thrill of innovation, and the sheer power of locomotives that defined an age. ‘The Steam Era’ is not just a glimpse into history; it’s a tribute to the relentless spirit of human achievement, where iron and steam united to shape the future of transportation and pave the way for a new era of progress