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The Shadows – The Final Tour

This collection of 42 tracks presents an enthralling journey through the instrumental and surf rock hits of The Shadows, including “Apache,” “Guitar Tango,” “Atlantis,” and many more, showcasing their signature sound and musical prowess.


Sku: GTDC2945

42 Tracks Including: Apache Intro, Riders in the Sky, The Frightened City, Theme for Young Lovers, Peace Pipe, The Savage, Let Me Be The One, The Stranger, Kon-Tiki, Going Home, Dance On!, Nivram, Lady of the Morning, My Home Town, Guitar Tango, Geronimo, Sleepwalk, 36-24-36, Shazam, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Mountains of the Moon, Shadoogie, Gonzales, Don’t Make My Baby Blue, The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt, Atlantis, Shindig, Man of Mystery, Foot Tapper, Please Don’t Tease. Plus Many More. ( 2 CD Set )