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The Goons – Two Complete Classic Radio Shows

Hilarious Goon Show classics for endless laughter


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Sku: CD2236
  • Hilarious Goon Show radio classics.
  • Surreal humor at its finest.
  • Iconic sketches and unforgettable characters.
  • A laughter-packed journey with The Goons.

Step into the uproarious world of “The Goons” with this CD featuring two complete classic radio shows that defined British comedy. With surreal humor, absurdity, and a touch of genius, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, and Harry Secombe brought to life iconic characters and unforgettable sketches. From the zany adventures of Neddie Seagoon to the madcap antics of Eccles and Bluebottle, each episode is a masterclass in laughter. “The Goon Show” remains a timeless treasure, influencing generations of comedians and leaving an indelible mark on the comedy landscape. Whether you’re a devoted fan or discovering the brilliance of The Goons for the first time, this CD promises a laughter-packed journey into the world of absurdity and hilarity that continues to captivate audiences of all ages. Get ready for comedy gold with “The Goons – Two Complete Classic Radio Shows.”