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The Dubliners – Dublin

Experience the Heart and Soul of Dublin with The Dubliners


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Sku: DD5430
  • A musical journey through the vibrant streets of Dublin.
  • Legendary Irish folk band, The Dubliners, at their best.
  • Soul-stirring performances of traditional Irish songs.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich culture and melodies of Dublin.

Embark on a captivating musical journey through the heart and soul of Dublin with ‘The Dubliners – Dublin.’ This collection features the legendary Irish folk band, The Dubliners, at their absolute best as they deliver soul-stirring performances of traditional Irish songs. Each note, each lyric carries the essence of Dublin’s rich culture and history, evoking the spirit of the city’s lively streets and warm-hearted people. Whether you have a deep-rooted love for Irish music or are just discovering the magic of The Dubliners, this album is a musical gem that immerses you in the melodies and stories that have made Dublin famous around the world. Let the timeless tunes of ‘The Dubliners – Dublin’ transport you to the charming and spirited atmosphere of Ireland’s beloved capital