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The Cabbage Patch Fib

The Cabbage Patch Fib: A Whimsical Adventure


Sku: AB1066
  • Delightful children’s book filled with humor.
  • A playful story about honesty and imagination.
  • Colorful illustrations and endearing characters.
  • Perfect for young readers and storytime.

Embark on a whimsical adventure with ‘The Cabbage Patch Fib,’ a delightful children’s book that combines humor, imagination, and a valuable lesson about honesty. Join a lovable cast of characters as they navigate the charming world of the Cabbage Patch, where telling tall tales and stretching the truth can lead to surprising and comical consequences. Through vibrant illustrations and endearing storytelling, this book encourages young readers to explore the boundaries of their imagination while learning about the importance of truthfulness. Whether it’s for storytime or individual reading, ‘The Cabbage Patch Fib’ promises laughter, imagination, and a heartwarming message that will resonate with children and parents alike, making it a cherished addition to any child’s library