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The Big Trees

The Big Trees: Kirk Douglas in Lumberjack Adventure


Sku: DD5038
  • Kirk Douglas leads a lumberjack rebellion.
  • A thrilling tale of defying greed and exploitation.
  • Scenic wilderness and action-packed drama.
  • A classic film of courage against the odds.

“Join Kirk Douglas in a thrilling lumberjack adventure with ‘The Big Trees,’ a classic film that transports you to the untamed wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Douglas stars as a larger-than-life timber magnate who finds himself at the heart of a lumberjack rebellion. This captivating tale is a powerful exploration of the struggle against greed and exploitation, as brave men and women stand up to protect the towering giants of the forest. Amidst the scenic beauty of the wilderness, ‘The Big Trees’ delivers action-packed drama and a timeless message of courage against the odds. Whether you’re a fan of Kirk Douglas, classic cinema, or tales of environmental stewardship, this film is a must-see for those who appreciate the indomitable spirit of those who fight for what they believe in, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.”