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The Best of Chas & Dave

Cockney Vibes

  • Foot-stomping hits from the iconic duo, Chas & Dave.
  • A compilation of their most infectious and quintessentially British tunes.
  • Journey through the heart of London with their unique cockney sound.
  • Remastered for crystal-clear audio, capturing the duo’s energy.
  • An essential for fans of pub rock, boogie-woogie, and British humor.


Sku: CD1231

The compilation that brings together the foot-stomping hits from the iconic duo, capturing their infectious and quintessentially British tunes

‘The Best of Chas & Dave’ is a musical celebration of the iconic duo’s contribution to the rich tapestry of British music. This collection showcases their most infectious tunes, creating a journey through the heart of London with the unmistakable cockney sound that made Chas & Dave a household name.

From the rollicking ‘Rabbit’ to the sing-along classic ‘Gertcha,’ each track is a testament to the duo’s ability to infuse their music with humor, energy, and a distinct sense of British identity. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the infectious boogie-woogie beats of Chas & Dave, this compilation is a must-have addition to your music library.

Remastered to perfection, the audio quality of this collection ensures that the lively spirit and energy of Chas & Dave are captured in every beat. Whether you’re tapping your feet to their boogie-woogie tunes or chuckling at their witty lyrics, ‘The Best of Chas & Dave’ brings the pub rock experience to your living room with unrivaled authenticity.