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Terry Pratchett – Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook

Mrs. Georgina Bradshaw’s meticulously authorized guide to the Ankh-Morpork and Sto Plains Hygienic Railway, endorsed by Mr. Lipwig himself, is an indispensable companion for both real and armchair travelers on the Discworld, offering a wealth of knowledge about the railway’s destinations, practical travel advice, lodging options, and fascinating insights into the diverse crafts and traditions of its passengers.


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Authorised by Mr. Lipwig of the Ankh-Morpork and Sto Plains Hygienic Railway himself, Mrs. Georgina Bradshaw’s invaluable guide to the destinations and diversions of the railway deserves a place in the luggage of any traveler, or indeed armchair traveler, upon the Disc.

  • From the twine walk of Great Slack to the souks of Zemphis: edifying sights along the route
  • Ticketing, nostrums, and transporting your swamp dragon: essential hints on the practicalities of travel
  • Elegant resorts and quaint inns: respectable and sanitary lodgings for all species and heights.
  • From worm-herding to Fustic Cake: diverting trivia on the crafts, foods, and brassica traditions of the many industrious people for whom the railway is now a vital link to the Century of the Anchovy

( 2 CD Set )