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Sticky Beak

Sticky Beak Audiobook: A Quirky Tale of Curiosity


Sku: AB1111
  • Engaging audiobook for young listeners.
  • Follow Sticky Beak on a whimsical adventure.
  • Vibrant storytelling and lively character voices.
  • Perfect for family listening and bedtime stories.

Join the enchanting world of ‘Sticky Beak’ through this delightful audiobook crafted for young listeners. In this whimsical tale, follow the curious adventures of Sticky Beak, a lovable character with a beak that sticks to anything and everything. With vibrant storytelling and lively character voices, this audiobook brings the charming story to life, making it a perfect choice for family listening and bedtime stories. ‘Sticky Beak’ offers not only entertainment but also valuable lessons about the power of curiosity and the joys of exploration. Dive into this heartwarming audio adventure, and let Sticky Beak’s antics and discoveries spark the imagination of children and parents alike