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Sophie Tucker – The Legendary

Sizzle with the Red Hot Classics.

  • 20 unforgettable vintage tracks.
  • From “Some of These Days” to “The Man I Love”.
  • A celebration of love, life, and laughter.
  • Relive the golden age of music.


Sku: CD1877

Experience the charm of timeless tunes that never fade.

“Timeless Tracks: The Red Hot Classics” is a curated compilation of 20 beloved tracks that epitomize the essence of a bygone era. With songs like “I’m the Last of the Red Hot Mammas” and the heart-warming “My Yiddishe Momme,” this collection paints a rich tapestry of love, humour, and nostalgia. Every track is a musical gem, capturing the spirit and sentiments of its time. Whether you’re longing for the playful tunes of “Aren’t Women Wonderful?” or the poignant melodies of “After You’ve Gone”, this CD promises a journey through some of the most iconic songs in music history. A must-have for vintage music enthusiasts and anyone with a love for classic melodies that stand the test of time.