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Smokey and The Bandit

A High-Octane Action Comedy Classic


Sku: DD5434
  • Join the legendary Burt Reynolds in a wild, high-speed adventure.
  • A beloved action-comedy featuring fast cars, crazy stunts, and humor.
  • Follow the Bandit and his sidekick as they outsmart the law.
  • A feel-good, adrenaline-pumping ride for fans of classic cinema.

Buckle up for a high-octane joyride with ‘Smokey and The Bandit,’ a beloved action-comedy classic that’s been leaving audiences in stitches and on the edge of their seats for generations. Starring the legendary Burt Reynolds as the Bandit and his partner-in-crime, Jerry Reed as Cledus Snow, this film is an exhilarating adventure filled with fast cars, daring stunts, and non-stop laughter.

The plot is simple yet wildly entertaining: the Bandit and Cledus are tasked with a daring cross-country mission to smuggle Coors beer from Texas to Georgia, all while being pursued by the relentless Sheriff Buford T. Justice, played brilliantly by Jackie Gleason. What ensues is a hilarious game of cat and mouse as the Bandit and his Trans Am outsmart the law at every turn.

‘Smokey and The Bandit’ is a feel-good, adrenaline-pumping ride that has become a cultural icon. With its memorable quotes, unforgettable characters, and an infectious sense of fun, it’s a film that continues to be celebrated and cherished by fans of classic cinema. If you’re looking for a wild and entertaining escape, hop in, rev up, and enjoy the ride with this timeless comedy gem