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Shirley Bassey – Hands Across The Sea

A collection of 25 tracks featuring a mix of classic vocal and jazz performances, including “As I Love You,” “Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me,” “Banana Boat Song,” “Stormy Weather,” “The Birth Of The Blues,” and many more, offering a diverse selection of timeless vocal and jazz pieces.


Sku: GTDC2767

25 Tracks Including: As I Love You, Hands Across The Sea, The Party’s Over, Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me, Banana Boat Song, Puh-Leeze! Mister Brown, Fire Down Below, After The Lights Go Down Low, Beale Street Blues, Born To Sing The Blues, Burn My Candle, Careless Love, My Body’s More Important Than My Mind, Stormy Weather, Take My Love, Take My Love, The Birth Of The Blues, St Louis Blues, There’s Never Been A Night, Tonight My Heart She Is Crying, Plus Many More. (1 CD )