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Sellers Engineering Band – Brass Band Concert

Brass brilliance with Sellers Engineering Band


Sku: CD1878
  • Sellers Engineering Band: A Brass Spectacle.
  • Enchanting brass melodies in concert.
  • Experience the majesty of brass music.
  • A musical journey with the Sellers Engineering Band.

Immerse yourself in the majesty of brass music with “Sellers Engineering Band – Brass Band Concert.” This exceptional CD captures the enchanting melodies and powerful performances of the Sellers Engineering Band, renowned for their mastery of brass instruments. From stirring marches to exquisite ballads, this concert showcases the full range of emotions that brass music can convey. Whether you’re a devoted brass band enthusiast or simply looking to experience the grandeur of live brass performances, this CD promises to transport you to a world of musical excellence. Let the Sellers Engineering Band’s precision, passion, and artistry captivate your senses as you embark on a breathtaking musical journey through the world of brass.