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Russ Morgan And His Orchestra – Music In The Morgan Manner

Timeless Swing with Russ Morgan’s Orchestra


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Sku: CD2416
  • Classic tunes from Russ Morgan and his Orchestra.
  • Upbeat swing, romantic ballads, and danceable rhythms.
  • Immerse in the golden age of Big Band music.
  • A delightful journey through the Morgan Manner.

Dive into the heart of the swing era with ‘Music in the Morgan Manner’ by Russ Morgan and His Orchestra, an album that encapsulates the very essence of Big Band magic. With lively tunes, romantic ballads, and irresistibly danceable rhythms, this collection is a delightful journey back to the golden age of swing.

Russ Morgan’s Orchestra brings to life the spirit of the era, where the air was filled with the sounds of trumpets, saxophones, and the smooth crooning of vocalists. From the lively energy of dance halls to the intimate ambiance of candlelit clubs, each track transports you to a time when music was vibrant, full of life, and irresistibly infectious.

‘Music in the Morgan Manner’ isn’t just an album; it’s a celebration of the artistry that defined an era. Whether you’re a fan of swing, a lover of classic tunes, or someone eager to experience the magic of Big Band, this collection guarantees a musical experience that will make your heart swing and your feet tap