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Philippa Gregory – The Queen’s Fool

Hannah Green, a Jewish bookseller’s daughter, flees the Spanish Inquisition and enters the Tudor court, becoming a Holy Fool for Mary I due to her foresight. As the rivalry between Mary and Elizabeth intensifies, Hannah is caught in the dangerous struggle between Henry VIII’s daughters.


Sku: GTDA2599

Read by Yolanda Kettle

Hannah Green, the young daughter of a Jewish bookseller, is forced out of Spain by the Inquisition, and becomes an unlikely player at the fractious Tudor court. Her Gifts of foresight mean that she is given as a Holy Fool to the newly crowned Mary I. But as Mary’s grip o the throne loosens, threatened by the ambitions of her sister, Elizabeth, Hannah is trapped in the deadly rivalry between the daughters of Henry VIII.  ( 18 CD Set )