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Penny On The Drum by Stanley Holloway

Stanley Holloway: Penny On The Drum


Sku: GTDC2776
  • Classic Humor, Timeless Storytelling
  • Holloway’s Wit, Memorable Characters
  • Musical Laughter, Endearing Narratives
  • Penny On The Drum: Laughs Preserved

Step into the delightful world of Stanley Holloway with ‘Penny On The Drum,’ a captivating collection of classic humor and timeless storytelling. Holloway, renowned for his wit and mastery in bringing characters to life, weaves a tapestry of laughter through endearing narratives and musical charm. Each tale, rich in humor and peppered with memorable characters, invites listeners on a journey of joy and amusement. ‘Penny On The Drum’ is not merely a collection of songs; it’s a preservation of laughter, a testament to Holloway’s ability to craft stories that resonate with the heart and tickle the funny bone. With his unique style and musical finesse, Holloway transforms ordinary situations into extraordinary moments of comedy, leaving listeners in stitches and craving for more. This album is a treasure trove of humor, where every note, every lyric, and every chuckle is a reminder of Holloway’s genius in the art of storytelling. Let ‘Penny On The Drum’ take you on a musical journey filled with laughter and merriment, and experience the magic of Stanley Holloway’s enduring humor, where the joy of a penny on the drum is a melody that never gets old