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Pam Ayres in Potting on

Pam Ayres: Potting on – Comedy Delight


Sku: AB1211
  • Pam Ayres’ hilarious gardening tales.
  • Witty humor and charming storytelling.
  • A laugh-out-loud journey in the garden.
  • A must-see for comedy and garden enthusiasts.

Join the incomparable Pam Ayres for a delightful journey into the world of gardening with ‘Pam Ayres in Potting on,’ a comedy performance that blends witty humor and charming storytelling. In this laugh-out-loud show, Pam shares her hilarious tales and musings on the ups and downs of tending to a garden, offering a unique blend of gardening wisdom and comedic brilliance. Whether you have a green thumb or simply appreciate a good laugh, ‘Pam Ayres in Potting on’ is a must-see, providing an endearing and side-splitting look at the joys and challenges of nurturing the natural world. Pam Ayres’ warmth and wit shine through as she invites you to share in her gardening adventures, making this performance a perfect choice for both comedy enthusiasts and those who find solace and laughter in the garden.