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Mellow Folk – No Jigs! No Reels!

Tranquil folk melodies for peaceful moments


Sku: CD1336
  • Tranquil folk melodies, no jigs or reels.
  • Mellow folk classics for peaceful moments.
  • Soothing storytelling through acoustic tunes.
  • A calming journey with “Mellow Folk.”

“Mellow Folk – No Jigs! No Reels!” invites you on a tranquil musical journey through the melodic and introspective side of folk music. This exceptional CD compilation carefully curates a collection of acoustic tunes that eschew the lively jigs and reels typically associated with folk, instead offering a serene listening experience. Dive into the soothing storytelling and introspective melodies that define the mellow side of the folk genre. Whether you’re seeking peaceful moments of reflection or simply a break from the fast pace of life, this album provides a calming and harmonious soundtrack. Immerse yourself in the timeless classics and heartfelt performances that capture the essence of mellow folk, where acoustic guitars, gentle vocals, and poetic lyrics create an ambiance of tranquility and contemplation. “Mellow Folk – No Jigs! No Reels!” is the perfect companion for those seeking solace in the beauty of folk’s softer side.