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Lonnie Donegan – Lonnie Plus

Lonnie Donegan’s iconic musical hits


Sku: CD1601
  • Lonnie Donegan’s iconic hits and more.
  • Lonnie Donegan’s musical brilliance shines.
  • The best of Lonnie Donegan on one CD.
  • Relive the skiffle era with Lonnie.

Step back in time and embrace the skiffle era with “Lonnie Plus,” a remarkable CD compilation that showcases the musical brilliance of Lonnie Donegan. This collection brings together Lonnie’s iconic hits and more, offering a nostalgic journey through the world of skiffle and folk music. Lonnie Donegan’s unique talent and infectious energy continue to captivate listeners, and this CD is a testament to his enduring legacy. Whether you’re a devoted fan or new to his pioneering sounds, “Lonnie Plus” promises to transport you to a bygone era of music where the joy of song and the strum of a guitar reigned supreme. Immerse yourself in Lonnie Donegan’s unforgettable melodies and relive the magic of the skiffle era with this extraordinary compilation.