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Lightnin’ Hopkins – Thinkin’ and Worryin’

This collection of 26 tracks offers a captivating journey through blues history, featuring classics like “Katie Mae Blues,” “Sugar Mama,” and “Rolling Blues.”


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26 Tracks Including: Katie Mae Blues, That Mean Old Twister, I Feel So Bad, Rocky Mountain Blues, Fast Mail Rambler, Thinkin’ And Worryin’, Short-Haired Woman, Big Mama Jump, Sugar Mama, Picture On The Wall, Down Home Baby, Let Me Play With Your Poodle, Nightmare Blues, Woman, Woman, Morning Blues, Have To Let You Go, Baby Child, Changing Weather Blues, Shotgun Blues, Rolling Blues, Honey Honey Blues, Moonrise Blues, Miss Me Blues, Abilene, You’re Not Going To Worry My Life Anymore, Daddy Will Be Home One Day. ( 1 CD )