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A Tale of Love, Music, and Passion


Sku: DD5089
  • A timeless love story set in the world of classical music.
  • Starring Ingrid Bergman and Leslie Howard in unforgettable roles.
  • Explore the complexities of love, sacrifice, and artistic devotion.
  • A classic film that resonates across generations.

Step into the enchanting world of classical music and love with ‘Intermezzo.’ This timeless film weaves a captivating tale of passion, sacrifice, and the enduring power of art. Starring the iconic Ingrid Bergman and Leslie Howard, it’s a cinematic journey that explores the complexities of love and artistic devotion.

‘Intermezzo’ tells the story of a brilliant violinist who finds himself torn between his love for music and his overwhelming attraction to a beautiful pianist. Their love affair becomes a delicate intermezzo in the grand symphony of life, filled with all the emotions that accompany such profound connections.

As the film unfolds, you’ll be transported to a world where music transcends words and love knows no boundaries. ‘Intermezzo’ is a classic that continues to resonate with audiences across generations, reminding us of the enduring power of love and the beauty of artistic expression. Whether you’re a fan of classic cinema or simply appreciate a heartfelt love story, this film is a must-see