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Hooked on Christmas – 44 Hits

44 timeless holiday classics in one CD


Sku: CD1353
  • “Hooked on Christmas” – 44 holiday classics.
  • Festive cheer in a musical compilation.
  • Your ultimate Christmas music collection.
  • Celebrate the season with these timeless hits.

Get into the holiday spirit like never before with “Hooked on Christmas – 44 Hits.” This extraordinary musical compilation is your passport to a festive wonderland filled with 44 timeless holiday classics. From joyful carols to heartwarming ballads, this CD offers a diverse collection of Christmas music that will accompany you through the entire holiday season. Whether you’re decorating the tree, hosting a festive gathering, or simply seeking the magic of Christmas, these songs will provide the perfect soundtrack to your celebrations. Embrace the holiday cheer and make cherished memories with your loved ones as you listen to the enchanting melodies of “Hooked on Christmas.” This CD is the ultimate gift for music lovers and a must-have addition to your holiday playlist.