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Handa’s Surprise

Handa’s Surprise Audiobook: A Multisensory Adventure


Sku: AB1097
  • Engaging audiobook for young listeners.
  • Vibrant storytelling and lively sound effects.
  • Follow Handa on her fruit-filled journey.
  • Perfect for enhancing literacy and imagination.

Step into the enchanting world of ‘Handa’s Surprise’ with this delightful audiobook designed for young listeners. With vibrant storytelling and lively sound effects, this audio adaptation brings the beloved children’s book to life in a multisensory adventure. Join Handa on her journey to surprise her friend Akeyo with a basket full of exotic fruits. As the story unfolds, young listeners will be captivated by the engaging narration and immersive soundscapes, enhancing their literacy skills and sparking their imagination. ‘Handa’s Surprise’ in audiobook format is the perfect companion for young readers and pre-readers alike, offering an enriching and interactive experience that encourages a love for storytelling and exploration