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H M Munro – The Beastly Chronicles Of Saki

Enjoy a fresh adaptation of H.H. Munro’s tales, performed at the Jermyn Street Theatre, featuring stories from ‘Laura’ to ‘The Mouse and the Square Egg’.


Sku: L2MFA1001

Read by Jermyn Street Theatre

A new adaptation of the stories of H.H. Munro, as performed at the Jermyn Street Theatre. The stories are taken from: Laura, Dusk, The Baker’s Dozen, Reginald on Worries, Louis Reginald’s Drama, The Open Window, The Recessional, Fur, The Lost Soul, The Romancers, Reginald at the Theatre, Reginald on House-Parties, The Mouse and the Square Egg. ( 2 CD Set )