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Glasgow Orpheus Choir – The Very Best Of

This collection of 26 tracks features a range of traditional Scottish and folk tunes, including classics like “Ae Fond Kiss,” “Scots Wha Hae wi’ Wallace Bled,” and “Bonnie Dundee,” offering a delightful blend of melodies from Scotland’s rich musical heritage.


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Sku: LGC1362

26 Tracks Including: Belmont – Hymn (By Cool Siloam’s Shady Rill), Peat-fire Smooring Prayer (from ‘Songs of the Hebrides), Ae Fond Kiss, Bonnie Dundee, Orlington (Psalm Tune), Scots Wha Hae wi’ Wallace Bled, An Eriskay Love Lilt (from ‘Songs of the Hebrides), Ca’ the Yowes, The Dashing White Sergeant, Crimond (Scottish Psalm Tune), Hark, Hark The Echo Falling, The Blue Bird, Gretna Green. Plus more. ( 1 CD )