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Doctor Who – Mission to the Unknown

Doctor Who: Mission to the Unknown Adventure


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  • Classic Doctor Who episode from the ’60s.
  • A thrilling spacefaring mission and alien intrigue.
  • A lost gem now reconstructed and restored.
  • A must-see for Whovians and sci-fi enthusiasts.

Travel back in time to the golden age of ‘Doctor Who’ with ‘Mission to the Unknown,’ a thrilling spacefaring adventure that’s been rediscovered, reconstructed, and beautifully restored for fans of the beloved sci-fi series. Originally aired in the 1960s, this classic ‘Doctor Who’ episode was believed to be lost to history until it was pieced together using original audio and animation. Now, it’s ready to transport you to the far reaches of the universe, where the Doctor is absent, and a daring mission unfolds amidst alien intrigue and cosmic mysteries. ‘Mission to the Unknown’ is a must-watch for Whovians and sci-fi enthusiasts, offering a rare glimpse into the show’s rich history and timeless appeal as it continues to captivate audiences across generations.