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Day Doris – Latin For Lovers

Sultry Latin melodies by iconic Doris Day


Sku: CD1644
  • “Doris Day: Latin For Lovers” – Sultry melodies, timeless allure.
  • Latin-infused classics by the iconic Doris Day.
  • A romantic journey through Latin rhythms.
  • Rediscover the passion of Doris Day’s music.

“Doris Day: Latin For Lovers” invites you to indulge in the sultry melodies and timeless allure of one of Hollywood’s most iconic voices. This album is a romantic journey through Latin rhythms, featuring Doris Day’s signature charm and vocal prowess as she brings new life to classic Latin-infused standards. From the captivating “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” to the passionate “Perfidia,” every track on this album captures the essence of romance and the magic of Latin music. Whether you’re a devoted fan of Doris Day or discovering her music for the first time, this compilation allows you to rediscover the passion and allure of her artistry. “Doris Day: Latin For Lovers” is more than an album; it’s a celebration of an artist whose music continues to captivate hearts and set the mood for romance, reminding us all of the enduring power of her voice and the beauty of Latin-inspired melodies.