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Branch Lines Of Hampshire

Join Colin Maggs and the 1st Take team on a historical journey to rediscover Hampshire’s once-numerous branch lines, some closed before World War II, exploring the county’s every corner and highlighting meticulously restored or repurposed former railway stations like Horsebridge, Droxford, Holmsley, and Lee-on-Solent.


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Join Colin Maggs and the 1st Take team to see what remains of Hampshires once-numerous branch lines, some of which were closed even before the Second World War. Many more lines have been lifted since then, but every branch can now be re-visited in this special historical journey, which explores every corner of the county. Some former railway stations have been painstakingly renovated or maintained, and put to alternative use, such as at Horsebridge, Droxford, Holmsley and Lee-on-Solent. ( 1 DVD )