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BBC Radio 3 in Tune With Opera

Opera Harmony: BBC Radio 3 In Tune


Sku: CD1275
  • Opera Insights, Behind-the-Scenes Stories
  • Interviews with Opera Maestros, Vocal Talents
  • Musical Excellence, Opera’s Enchanting World
  • BBC Radio 3: Your Opera Connection

Dive into the enchanting world of opera with ‘BBC Radio 3 In Tune With Opera,’ a captivating series that unveils the harmony, drama, and passion behind this timeless art form. Immerse yourself in insightful interviews with opera maestros, renowned vocal talents, and behind-the-scenes storytellers, providing a rare glimpse into the intricate workings of opera productions. From legendary composers to emerging stars, each episode explores the magic of opera, delving into the stories, emotions, and musical brilliance that define this captivating genre. ‘BBC Radio 3 In Tune With Opera’ is not just a program; it’s your backstage pass to the opera world, where you’ll discover the creativity, dedication, and artistry that breathe life into every aria and overture. Join us on a musical journey where vocal talents collide with orchestral grandeur, and opera’s enchanting world unfolds before your ears. BBC Radio 3, your ultimate connection to the heart and soul of opera, invites you to tune in and experience the magic of this extraordinary art form as never before