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Anything Goes

Anything Goes: Classic Musical Extravaganza


Sku: AB1161


  • Iconic Cole Porter tunes and memorable lyrics.
  • Shipboard antics and timeless comedy.
  • A voyage of love, laughter, and toe-tapping melodies.
  • A must-see for fans of Broadway classics.

Set sail on a musical adventure like no other with ‘Anything Goes,’ the classic Broadway extravaganza that transports you to the golden age of musical theater. Featuring iconic tunes by the legendary Cole Porter and unforgettable lyrics, this timeless production takes place aboard a glamorous ocean liner filled with shipboard antics, romance, and uproarious comedy. As passengers and crew members embark on a voyage of love and laughter, you’ll be swept away by the toe-tapping melodies and heartwarming moments that define this musical masterpiece. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of Broadway classics or new to the world of musical theater, ‘Anything Goes’ is a must-see, offering a joyous and unforgettable experience that celebrates the enduring magic of the stage and the power of love, laughter, and music