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Allan Sherman – My Son The Folk Singer

Allan Sherman: Folk Comedy, Timeless Laughter


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Sku: GTC3302
  • Hilarious Folk Parodies, Musical Wit
  • Sherman’s Satirical Genius, Classic Humor
  • My Son The Folk Singer: Comedic Gold
  • Timeless Laughter, Enduring Legacy

Embark on a musical journey of laughter with ‘Allan Sherman – My Son The Folk Singer,’ a comedic masterpiece that combines folk parodies with satirical genius. Allan Sherman, the master of musical wit, takes the stage with a collection of hilarious folk song parodies that have become timeless classics. ‘My Son The Folk Singer’ is not just an album; it’s a riotous celebration of life, love, and the quirks of everyday existence. With his sharp humor and clever lyrics, Sherman weaves tales of absurdity and satire, creating a musical comedy experience that transcends generations. Each track is a comedic gem, offering a glimpse into the absurdities of modern life through the lens of folk music. Sherman’s ability to blend folk tunes with laugh-out-loud lyrics is unparalleled, making ‘My Son The Folk Singer’ a true masterpiece of comedic gold. This album is more than just a musical journey; it’s a time capsule of humor, preserving the laughter of an era and sharing it with audiences across the ages. Let Allan Sherman serenade you with his hilarious tales, and let the infectious laughter of ‘My Son The Folk Singer’ brighten your day and remind you that the best medicine often comes in the form of a good laugh