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6X6 Seventies

6X6 Seventies: Nostalgic Hits of the Era


Sku: CD2282
  • Six iconic ’70s tracks for nostalgia.
  • Groovy rhythms and timeless melodies.
  • A musical journey back in time.
  • Must-have for fans of the disco era.

“Step into the time machine with ‘6X6 Seventies,’ a nostalgic journey through the disco-infused and rock-inspired sounds of the 1970s. This compilation features six iconic tracks that defined an era, bringing you groovy rhythms and timeless melodies that will transport you back in time. Whether you lived through the ’70s and want to relive the magic or you’re a new generation eager to explore the musical gems of the disco era, ‘6X6 Seventies’ is a must-have addition to your music collection. Let the music of the ’70s sweep you off your feet and groove to the unforgettable tunes that made this decade legendary.”