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6 x 6 – Easy Listening

6 x 6: Easy Listening Bliss


Sku: CD2283
  • 6 soothing tracks for relaxation.
  • Effortless melodies and calming ambiance.
  • Perfect background music for any occasion.
  • A tranquil escape in every note.

“Discover the ultimate in easy listening with ‘6 x 6,’ a blissful collection of six soothing tracks that promise to envelop your senses in tranquility. Immerse yourself in effortless melodies and a calming ambiance that provides the perfect backdrop for any occasion, whether it’s a peaceful evening at home or a serene moment of introspection. Each track is a tranquil escape, transporting you to a world of relaxation and harmony. ‘6 x 6’ is your go-to source of musical serenity, offering a peaceful respite from the noise of everyday life. Let the gentle sounds wash over you and find solace in the simplicity of easy listening at its finest.”